Terms & Conditions

Dear guests,
Please accept our warmest welcome to Villa Flandria!
Our apartments are equipped in order to meet requirements of today’s modern guest.
We hope that we have been able to meet your expectations.
House rules
1. The time of night rest starts at 10 pm and lasts to 8 am next morning and in this
time the guests are kindly asked for peace and quiet
2. Guests are obliged to rational energy use and to not leave any electrical
appliances on, when leaving the apartment, especially air conditioner
3. Guests are obliged to take care of their own possessions and valuables, and are
responsible for their behavior inside apartment and if they are not complying with
house rules, the owner reserves the right to involuntary ends a guest’s stay
During their stay, guests can use all the devices inside the apartment. In case of
breakage or missing of certain items or devices in the apartment, the guest is obliged
to compensate the value of missing or damaged items and to inform the owner about
When leaving the apartment on the last day of stay, please tell us the exact time of your
departure, to give us the keys. Apartment is necessary to leave no later than 10 am in
the morning on the last day of stay.
Pets are welcomed
If you’re traveling with your pet, your pet is welcome, and in return we expect your
fullcare for your animal in the spirit of a good owner.
Changing linen and towels
If you are staying longer than seven days, at your request, we will change your bed
sheets and towels.
Inquiries, compliments and complaints
For further inquiries, complaints, compliments or suggestions, please contact us at
anytime, in person at the reception desk or by phone.